College Community Development Programme

          Metamorphosis is a volunteer service programme in service to PGIMS community by PGIMS people. It is metamorphosis of thought for greater service to our campus community. It is a job of mobilizing PGIMS human resources to help cultivate distinct civic virtues in its inmates to make PGIMS a better place to study, live and to work.




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          Metamorphosis is a volunteer service programme in service to PGIMS community by PGIMS people.  It is metamorphosis of  thought for greater service to our campus community. It is a job of mobilizing PGIMS human resources to help cultivate distinct civic virtues in its inhabitants to make PGIMS a better place to live, work and study.  It is something that we feel proud of because this is something that we will do for our colleagues, fellowmen and women, friends and neighbors. This is a programme of helping ourselves by becoming responsible, aware, charactered, high self esteemed, and respectful. It is a programme of development of values and civic virtues in us for creating a framework of excellence for our institution. It is if we can put little additional time for service for our own joy aimed at service to our institute that we might not like to count. It is about little cleanliness around us, behaving courteously with patients, doctors, teachers, studentsí, neighbors, friends or others. It is about becoming cooperative, modest, polite, fair and generous in every day life and becoming bold, patient and careful  in attending difficult matters and complicated situations  so that we could resolve them amicably.  It is about becoming lawful, responsible, helpful, harmonizing, appreciative and reliable to our duties so that we could be a part of greater good. It is about gathering quality and earning personal and social integrity in every day life, our desire for any kind of selfless service that we could do comfortably    and    joyfully   in service to   our campus community. It is a programme to make PGIMS a peaceful, industrious, respectful, productive and exemplary institution in which we all will collectively participate that we all will feel proud of.



To inculcate in itís students a feeling,  experience  and skills of  becoming a good, sympathetic  and  responsible Doctor by encouraging  structured and  systematic teaching, shared leaning and increased level of  academic,  research and community  interaction so that they could become good doctors as well as a good citizens and partners in positive social reformation.


To build and update teaching skills and resources in light of rapid developments taking place in a health-education, media, technology and communication system to provide up- to-date and interactive medical education to students.


To develop a  sense of belongingness to PGIMS among its community members- students, teachers, employees, through productive interaction aimed at community service so that they could realise that they are an integral part of PGIMS family and hence best contribute building it an institution of  excellence.


To encourage  PGIMS community  members participate in community activities and thinking related to improvement, healthy maintenance of  institute's physical ambience, general cleanliness, sanitation and public hygiene, health education, and academic and learning resources.


To create an environment that could stimulate everyone to start thinking how PGIMS resources could be reorganised, so that they are best utilized to help PGIMS emerge as an exemplary institution and induce them to think, how can it have the best that it should have? To evolve opinions and give suggestions or support for it.


To   help    evolve    a    policy    document  for PGIMS,    for education    of     patients and their attendants   what   should they do when they visit hospital wards, emergency or OPDs, so that they can become aware about maintaining dignity   of  hospital  and  help PGIMS  doctors  work best in the benefit of patients.


To cultivate an atmosphere of managerial and clerical promptness by launching incentive focussed policies at PGIMS so that tasks are attended fast for rapid execution and implementation of pending plans and projects to archive maximum administrative and managerial productivity.


To evolve and establish a flexi work culture at PGIMS for employees at all levels, taking into consideration their day to day productivity, their and their familyís needs, their general personal and public behaviour at work place, level of general contribution to community and cumulative contribution to the institution.


To evolve consensus among PGIMS community and aware citizens of Rohtak to advocate a view that focuses on making every possible effort and devising every possible way to make PGIMS a better place through community interaction and public debates at all levels, irrespective of discrimination of students/ employee class or cadre, which could be presented as reflection of PGIMSís positive approach towards community in general and inmates of Rohtak city in particular.


         Please e mail your suggestions, what  you  want to have at PGIMS to make  it a model institution by improving upon medical education,   public   health & hygiene,   teaching, research, residency programs, cleanliness, general ambience, student learning, interactive technology  resources,  accounts,  administration, hostels, management,   stores,   maintenance  &  repair,    purchase, buildings, cafeteria, shopping-complex,    guest house, auditorium, OTs, library, departments,  wards,  emergency,   labs,   workshop,   animal house,  rest-rooms and public conveniences, ,   mortuary, employee and   student life or anything else that will be for good of our institution to: