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Department of Pediatrics

The department of paediatrics provides care to neonates, infants, children and adolescent up till the age of 14 years. The vision of department is to provide excellence in clinical care, training and research. The department is equipped with infrastructure facilities of neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and pediatric wards. Pediatric hemato-oncology services are being provided in the department. Dr Jagjit Singh Dalal have successfully completed three years of DM Training in Neonatology. Dr Jaya Shankar Kaushik (DM Pediatric Neurology) is in the process of establishing Pediatric Neurology services. The department serves as referral centre for neighbouring districts of Haryana.


Senior Professor and Head

Dr Geeta Gathwala, MD, DCH, DM (Neonatology)

Senior Professor and Head Unit II

Dr Sanjiv Nanda, MD

Professor and Head Unit III

Dr Kundan Mittal, MD

Professor and Head Unit IV

Dr N D Vaswani, MD


Dr Alok Khanna, MD

Associate Professor

Dr Poonam Dalal, MD

Dr J S Kaushik, MD, DNB, DM (Pediatric Neurology)

Dr Jagjit Singh Dalal, MD, DM (Neonatology)

Dr. Alka Yadav, MD


Assistant Professor

Dr Virender Gehlawat, MD

Dr Poonam Mehta, MD

Dr Kapil Bhalla, MD

Dr. Vandana Arya

Dr. Anjali


                                   Speciality Clinics



Speciality clinic



Genetic Clinic

Dr Kundan Mittal


Pediatric Gastroenterology clinic

Dr Kapil Bhalla


Neonatal Follow up clinic

Dr Geeta Gathwala

Dr Jagjit Singh Dalal

Dr Poonam Dalal


Pediatric Neurology clinic

Dr J S Kaushik


Pediatric Endocrine clinic

Dr Jaivinder Yadav


Respiratory clinic

Dr Kundan Mittal


Pediatric Cardiology clinic

Dr N D Vaswani


Pediatric Hemat-oncology clinic

Dr Alka Yadav


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Ongoing research projects (National)

1.       National Hospital based rotavirus Surveillance Network- funded by ICMR (Prof Geeta Gathwala)

2.       Establishing integrated National perinatal data base (NNPD) Network in India- funded by WHO (Prof Geeta Gathwala)

3.       Gross congenital malformations among babies born at PGIMS, Rohtak and their risk factors-a case-control study.(Prof Geeta Gathwala)


                                 Ongoing Thesis Research

Thesis title


Chief guide

Vitamin D supplementation in mothers for prevention of early onset neonatal sepsis

Dr Pratap

Dr Geeta Gathwala

Correlation of spot urinary protein creatinine ratio and quantitative proteinuria in patients of nephritic syndrome in pediatric age group

Dr Richa

Dr Sanjiv Nanda

Risk factors associated with preterm birth hospital based study

Dr Sudha

Dr Kundan Mittal

Assessment of hearing loss in severely asphyxiated outborn term babies using brainstem evoked response audiometry

Dr Manju

Dr Kundan Mittal

Incidence of hypernatremic dehydration in exclusively breastfed appropriate for gestational age

Dr Bhawna

Dr Geeta Gathwala

Evaluation of serum ferritin and cardiac troponin as early detector of cardiac injury in patients with thalasemia major

Dr Suchitra

Dr N D Vaswani

Clinico-epidemiological profile of severe anemia in children

Dr Manish

Dr N D Vaswani

Clinical spectrum and investigation profile of children with suspected celiac disease and positive serum TTG antibodies

Dr Dayanand

Dr Sanjiv Nanda

Association between iron deficiency anemia and febrile seizures in children

Dr Ashok

Dr Alok Khanna

Prevalence of malnutrition in hospitalized pediatric patients

Dr Ahmed

Dr Alok Khanna

Correlation of vitamin D level with severity of LRTI in children aged 2 months to 5 years admitted in tertiary care

Dr Deepali

Dr Sanjiv Nanda

Knowledge and attitude towards kangaroo mother care of mothers and nursing staff in NICU

Dr Rohit

Dr Geeta Gathwala

Clinic-epidemiological factors associated with short stature

Dr Mahima

Dr N D Vaswani

Comparison between GCS and FOUR scotrres in children 6 months-14 years admitted in emergency setting: An observational study

Dr Krishnendar

Dr Kundan Mittal


                    Postgraduate allotment

MD Resident


Dr Pratap

Dr Geeta Gathwala

Dr Bhavna

Dr Rohit

Dr Richa

Dr Sanjiv Nanda

Dr Dayanand

Dr Deepali

Dr Sudha

Dr Kundan Mittal

Dr Manju

Dr Krishnendar

Dr Suchitra

Dr N D Vaswani

Dr Manish

Dr Mahima

Dr Ashok

Dr Alok Khanna

Dr Ahmed


Research Projects

1.       WHO-SEARO National neonatal perinatal database (NNPD) project. (Principal Investigator: Sr Prof Geeta Gathwala)

2.       ICMR National rotavirus surveillance network project (Principal Investigator: Dr Geeta Gathwala)

3.       ICMR, CDC Atlanta and CMC Vellore collaboration: Rotavirus vaccine impact assessment: Surveillance study. (Principal Investigator: Dr Geeta Gathwala and Dr Poonam Dalal)

4.       INCLEN and AIIMS collaborative research project: Development of Acute Respiratory Infection Treatment Units (ATUs) and assess their utility in improving healthcare and research in pneumonia related morbidity and mortality in India (Principal Investigator: Dr Poonam Mehta, Co-PI: Dr Geeta Gathwala)




1.       Dr. Virender Gehlawat, Asstt. Professor has won best paper presentation at Paediatric Conference of North India, New Delhi, 3-4 Dec. 2016

2.       Dr. Prathapa Shetty, Final year PG has won first prize in oral paper presentation in NEOCON-2016

3.       Dr. Suchitra Yadav, Final year PG has won  2nd prize in poster presentation at PEDICON-2017 held 18-22 Jan., 2017 at Bangalore.

4.       Sr Prof Geeta Gathwala and Sr Prof Sanjiv Nanda have received UHS award for excellence in teaching

5.       Prof Kundan Mittal has been awarded Fellowship of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, and Fellowship of Criticial care Physician. (2016)

6.       Dr Vikas Gupta, has been awarded with Gold medal for Paper presentation at National conference PEDICON 2013

7.       Dr Gurpreet Kaur, has been awarded Gold Medal for paper presentation in NEOCON 2013.

8.       Award for best poster paper presentation for paper entitled ‘Cardiac troponin I as an early predictor of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy” at 49th national conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (PEDICON 2012) held at Gurgaon. (Dr Geeta Gathwala, Dr Poonam Dalal, Dr Jagjit Singh Dalal)

9.       Dr Jagjit Singh:

a.        Best paper award in annual conference of IAP Haryana state on 11th December 2011 at Kurushetra in 22nd annual conference of state IAP Haryana.

b.       Award for academic excellence received in HARCON 2011 on 11th December at Kurushetra in 22nd annual conference of state IAP Haryana

10.    Dr Poonam Mehta, has been awarded with Sorel Catherine Freymann Prize for being the best Post Graduate in Pediatrics, at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, 2010.

ICMR Short Term Studentship (STS)

1.       Predictors of acute meningitis among children presenting with febrile convulsion (Dr Amiraj Singh) (Guide: Sr Prof Geeta Gathwala) (STS 2013)

2.       Predictors for critical care admission among children presenting to emergency with recurrent wheezing: A case control study (Dr Aman Saini) (Guide: Dr Jaya Shankar Kaushik) (STS 2013)

Events and CME organised in department

·         National workshops on NRP in May 2015

·         Department conducts one UG quiz and 2 PG quiz including PG quiz in Neonatology annually.

·    Organized and conducted the 16TH NNF quiz college round as QUIZ master in Deptt of pediatrics on 6th august 2016.

·    Organised 5th IAP pediatric Quiz for post graduates 2011 as “Quiz Master”  college round held at PGIMS Rohtak on 9/8/2011

·         Organized Asthma training module (ATM) as organizing secretary at Gymkhana club Rohtak held on 8th of July 2012 (Dr Jagjit)

·         A national neonatology forum (NNF) quiz college round for post graduates was held on 6th August 2016 at 1 PM in Pediatric seminar room. Four teams participated. Dr Ashok and Dr Dayachand from PGIMS stood first. These students participated in zonal rounds at Jodhpur on 7th August 2016.