Govt. Dental College Rohtak

                                                               Dr. Sanjay Tewari
                                                    Dental College, Rohtak

            My dear students I welcome you all in this premier Dental School of the India. It is one of the best Dental School in the country and for in term of patient care and teaching. We have dedicated faculty and very hard working paramedical staff.  We expect you all to devote full time for academic activities as well learning and mastering as the new skills.  I would like to quote Swami Vivekananda “AWAKE ARISE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS ACHIEVED”.  My dear students you have been selected through the tough competition of this prestigious institute and you must work very hard for the ultimate goal of achieving the highest academic and clinical knowledge in the specialty.  I on behalf of the whole faculty promise you all in creating an atmosphere to facilitate the best academic atmosphere in this institute.

                                                                                                Sanjay Tewari